Organize Events

Passionate about a cause, but need help? We can connect you with a workforce.

The core of Boston Volunteers is people like you: folks of all ages who are passionate, ready to make a difference, and have a big heart. We’re on a mission to make all corners of Boston cleaner, healthier, and safer, and we’re counting on you to lead the charge in telling us what we’re missing. If you are a nonprofit, or know a nonprofit who could use our help, let’s partner by organizing an event together.

By organizing an event through Boston Volunteer, you’ll gain access to our near-11,000 person workforce through Meetup. You’ll also have the opportunity to introduce yourself to a whole new network of potential long-term, committed volunteers. Our volunteers are eager to meet you and make Boston better.

We’ve successfully partnered with dozens of local nonprofits. If you are a local nonprofit in need of extra hands, or if you know of a nonprofit who we could connect with, let’s talk.

Email Josh for more information