Why Urban Environmentalism Is So Important

What Is Urban Environmentalism?

Urban environmentalism, also known as urban ecology, is the study of how various species in a densely-populated city or town interact with one another and influence the health of the ecosystem as a whole. Ecologies in city environments work very differently from rural and even suburban ecologies. Once ecologists (and the organizations who follow their recommendations) identify the factors that make a city healthier or less healthy, they can act on those for the good of all local living things.

Some major unhealthy aspects of an urban environment include intensive water and air pollution, excessive dust, poorly stored or processed litter and waste, high local temperatures, and the depletion of natural resources. As a result, ecologically-centered nonprofits and similarly aligned organizations often facilitate events that involve land and water cleanups, tree and greenery planting, public education, and the removal of harmful invasive species.

Why Urban Environmentalism Matters

Advances in the ways and rate at which humans consume or destroy natural resources has been negatively impacting the environment since before (but especially during and after) the Industrial Revolution. Because cities have higher human populations, failure to prevent or repair the damage they inflict will result in grave detriment to the quality of life in their ecosystems and beyond. Here are some other driving factors in why caring for urban ecologies is so essential:

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